the daunting nature of most inventions lies in this fact alone; if an unsolvable problem did not exist, there would be no such need for said solution

re-Defining Moments

The Lavender's Story family, like so many others, has been affected by the loss of and having loved ones diagnosed with varying types and stages of cancer. As we begin creating products to help counter the skin related side effects of chemotherapy, we found ourselves re-conceptualizing each product. Our emphasis is infusing botanicals into oils and creating products that retain all the wonderful skin beneficial attributes, whilst eliminating irritants that can result from essential and fragrance oils. The result is an oil that has the essence of each herb with a subtle aromatic profile. We are pleased to be apart of offtering products that have helped chemotherapy patients.

A beautiful collaboration: urban gardener meets skin care maker

One summer day, after pruning roses, harvesting heirloom tomatoes/collard greens and plucking weeds, Lana looked at her garden-in awe. The beautiful abundance before her, caused questions to fill her mind. She wondered, what benefits, if any did each vegetable, herb and flower contribute to healthy skin? That curious moment caused her to feverishly research each garden botanical. Bursting with excitement at each finding, Lana immediately knew, the garden would play an integral role in creating skin care products, inspired by nature, the result is true skin food. Each ingredient is selected due to its attributes. Just as your body is fueled and sustained through nutrient rich food; healthy, radiant and beautiful skin, requires the same.


Just after morning dew, Lana begins tending to the garden, soaking up each moment as she observes her teacup Yorkie smell flowers, attempt to chase after wild rabbits and curiously approach fleeting birds or butterflies. She enjoys watching bees and on a rare occasion, hummingbirds feed and pollinate. Lana carefully, plucks invading weeds, prunes tomatoes and if the conditions are just right, removes botanicals to create. From sun dried tomatoes and peony infused rice bran oil, Lana absolutely relishes in the creative process and often struggles to rein in her creativity.

Plant. Nurture. Create.

Awestruck. Therapeutic. Amazing.
This is how Lana describes the creation process. She enjoys planting each seedling or sprout, nurturing them, plucking weeds and watching each plant begin to grow. Harvested in small batches, at just the right time, sun kissed as they solar dry or immediately distilled, the excitement Lana experiences as each item goes through a transformation, is difficult to describe. It's an air of magic. Once in her garden-Comfrey leaf, planted as a root, now glides across her lips, having been infused into a salve. The result of this beautiful process is nothing short of skin food.


Our Values

Lavender's Story produces skin care products and cosmetics that are created from edible ingredients. We aim to grow as many botanical(s) as possible and supplement by purchasing from conscious driven, small businesses, as well as established companies, with sustainable practices. Each item that has been grown in the Lavender's Story garden, is listed underneath the product description. Our products are inclusive, catering to those who are without dietary restrictions, vegetarians, vegans as well as as those suffering from dry skin ailments oily-normal and sensitive skin.  

Anti-cruelty Beauty

Lana has the cutest little teacup Yorkshire terrier and thus never tests on animals. She does however, create skin and coat healthy products for her. Lana's yorkie does have a penchant for happily licking these oils off her coat.

Reuse. Recycle. Re-purpose

In an effort to reduce waste, Lavender's Story will reuse packaging materials: product boxes, shipping boxes, peanuts, fillings etc. Skin care products  arrive in glass containers to encourage reuse. Lip salve tubes are compostable. Simply remove the label and add tube to compost pile or recycle label and tube separately.  Plastic components are also encouraged to be recycled.