C'est la vie

C'est la vie


Jasmine, rose, lavender and hibiscus infused, c’est la vie is beautifully enhanced to truly nurture your skin, offered for the first time online, here is why we created it:

I remember as though it were yesterday, my best friend, Angela, messaged filled with dismay. The new chemotherapy regiment she began late Spring 2017 caused her face to turn beet red, fill with tiny bumps and she experienced a constant burning sensation. For days, she had tried so many different products and nothing gave her relief. Immediately, I said I would make something and bring it by the end of the week. The result was a botanically bursting facial honey. She was so excited to try it and by that night, messaged, “my face no longer burns” I was so thrilled that she finally had some relief. Over the course of a few days, her facial redness began to dissipate and within 2 weeks, her face was clear of bumps. Although her chemotherapy regiment would be changed a few more times, c’est la vie was a constant in her apothecary cabinet. Sadly in December 2018, Angela, who could radiate any room she walked into with the most beautiful smile, whom loved chocolate, and travel, high tea and long chats, and after fighting for 5.5 years, loss her battle with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. I want to continue to honour Angela by creating and donating beauty boxes to The Wellness House-a place so dear to her and many cancer patients as well as their families. Your purchase of this product, helps me do so. Thanks for your support

168.5 ml

ingredients: raw untreated honey, rose petals, lavender, jasmine buds, hibiscus

mmm, smell the roses


  • moisturizing

  • antioxidant


  • skin balancing

  • antiseptic

  • filled with antioxidants

  • astringent

  • anti-inflammatory

  • emollient

  • filled with complex vitamins

  • anti aging

  • hydrating


  • suitable to sensitive skin

  • soothing

  • anti inflammatory

  • anti septic


  • botox plant

  • AHA’s

  • gentle exfoliant

NOTE: Due to the presence of Hibicus, you may feel a very slight tingle/sting upon application, this is normal


  • each evening, lightly spritz or splash water onto skin

  • stir honey

  • using a non shedding brush or facial spreading utensil, apply honey in a thin even layer onto face and neck

  • as a cleanser allow to stay on skin 2-3 minutes, as a mask 15 minutes

  • wipe with cool water

  • apply a light moisturizer

Information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose of treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use