Kissed by Angels

Kissed by Angels


Loaded with raspberry powder and strawberry leaves, this is an antioxidant powerhouse. Its aroma is reminiscent of a ripe raspberry and whilst it smells good enough to eat, we recommend creating a bath time production instead. Why we created this product:

I was pretty late to the bath bomb train, whilst chatting one day, Angela, mentioned I should treat myself to a long soak with a lavender bath bomb. I responded, “whats that?” I will never forget her excitement as she raved about them, and because she had just been gifted some from lush, she quickly grabbed one and handed it to me. Immediately I began to read the ingredients, an all too familiar look spread across my face, “what?” she asked, “please tell me its not that bad!” I did have bad news, I explained, the bath bomb was not as natural as she thought, “dont worry” i reassured her, “i’ll make a healthier alternative for you.” I left her home that day on a mission of sorts, to create a bath time production that was truly skin beneficial and as healthy as possible, one that she could soak in until her heart was content, without worrying about artificial dyes or laced with cornstarch. In time, I would master the art of bath bomb making and she was always happy to test them, mostly inhaling their subtle aroma. Eventually, she was no longer allowed to take bath, so she would simply soak her feet to indulge. Her love of berries, influenced this beautiful creation. Angela LOVED raspberries, their rich colour and tart profile, she even planted a raspberry bush and would pick several a day once they were ripe. In November, I presented the idea of making a bath bomb set inspired by all her favourite things, she was thrilled and so I introduce to you, kissed by angels. A bath bomb that is truly absent of unnecessary fillers and bursting with skin loving ingredients. The proceeds of this bath production will go towards creating beauty products and donating them to The Wellness Center in loving memory of Angela.

NOTE: each bath bomb is hand packed, this means there will be slight variations in size. weighs ~13 ounces

Directions: fill bath with warm water to desired height, drop into tub and enjoy a luxurious soak-bombs away! we recommend a light shower just before bathing and a soak of at least 20 mins.

ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, rice bran oil, kaolin clay, raspberry powder, spirulina, granulated strawberry leaves, strawberry charm pendant (lead, cadmium and nickel free)

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How we select our ingredients:

Microalgae (Spirulina)

  • array of vitamins (including skin beneficial B's & E's)

  • touted for increasing skin metabolism

  • speeds up cell turnover

  • increases healing of skin

Raspberry powder

  • rich in vitamin C

  • antioxidant

  • high in omega 6 fatty acid

Strawberry leaves

  • reduce inflammation

Kaolin Clay

  • suitable for sensitive skin

  • gentle cleanser

  • often used to detoxify skin

Sodium bicarbonate

  • natural sodium

  • alkalizing

  • skin softening

  • gentle detox

Citric Acid

  • contains alpha hydroxy acid

  • skin friendly

Rice bran oil

  • Holy grail of Japanese skin care

  • contains an array for Vitamin E

  • source of plant derived squalene (emollient and antioxidant)

  • Easily absorbed

  • suitable for all skin types

  • touted for its anti-aging abilities

Oil bath bombs are been created with dry skin in mind to offer amazing hydration whilst soaking the day away. Please use caution, as tub may become slippery. Information is for educational purposes and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.