santa's lump of coal

santa's lump of coal

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essential oil/fragrance oil free

Check your list and check it twice, this is a great gift for the naughty or nice. Luxuriously hydrating and aromatically intoxicating, this one time rose infused creation is offered in limited quantities and in a variety of sizes. Use the drop down menu and dont miss out, once gone, you’ll likely not see it again until next year.

Directions: Fill bathtub with warm water to desired amount. Drop in bath bomb and listen as everyday sounds turn into love songs. We recommend soaking for at least 20 minutes.

ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, rose infused rice bran oil, dead sea salt, kaolin powder, beet powder, spirulina, rose petals

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How we select our ingredients:

Microalgae (Spirulina)

  • array of vitamins (including skin beneficial B's & E's)

  • touted for increasing skin metabolism

  • speeds up cell turnover

  • increases healing of skin

Rose Clay

  • gentle

  • helps draw out impurities

  • balances skin

  • moisturizing

Red beet powder

  • rich in antioxidants

  • contains lycopene

Dead Sea Salt

  • soothes skin

  • reduces inflammation

  • great for eczema & psoriasis

Sodium bicarbonate

  • natural sodium

  • alkalizing

  • skin softening

  • gentle detox

Citric Acid

  • contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA’s)

  • skin friendly

Dead sea salt

  • mineral rich

  • enhances skin hydration

  • soothes inflammation

  • known treatment for eczema and psoriasis

  • detoxifying

  • purifying

Epsom Salt

  • adds magnesium and sulfate to bath water

Rice bran oil

  • Holy grail of Japanese skin care

  • contains an array for Vitamin E

  • source of plant derived squalene (emollient and antioxidant)

  • Easily absorbed

  • suitable for all skin types

  • touted for its anti-aging abilities

While suitable for all skin types, Lavender's Story, bath bombs are created with dry skin suffers in mind. Thus we add a wonderful helping of oil to hydrate all skin types, as you soak. Use caution when existing tub

Use a fine mesh cover over drain to collect botanical(s)
Whenever bathing, we recommend to take a light shower just before soaking or immediately afterwards.

Oil bath bombs have been created with dry skin in mind but are suitable for all. They offer amazing hydration whilst soaking the day away. Please use caution, as tub may become slippery. Information is for educational purposes and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.