c'est la vie

c'est la vie


essential oil free

Lavender infused, raw and untreated, this honey maintains all its wonderful antibacterial properties, making it the perfect nightly facial wash.
Why unadulterated RAW honey?

PURE without inferior fillers
antioxidant rich

168.5 ml

ingredients: raw untreated honey, lavender

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We never heat our honey, making it a worthy adversary for sensitive, acne prone, dry, mature, normal and combination skin. The addition of lavender, increases its anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties.


  • each evening, lightly spritz or splash water onto skin

  • stir honey

  • using a non shedding brush or facial spreading utensil, apply honey in a thin even layer onto face and neck

  • as a cleanser allow to stay on skin 2-3 minutes, as a mask 15 minutes

  • wipe with tepid water

  • apply a light moisturizer, we recommend, c’est la vie facial elixir