la vie en rouge: facial elixir

la vie en rouge: facial elixir

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complimentary to normal, dry, combination, mature skin types  

Indulgent and supremely hydrating, Saffron is not limited to a decadent meal. This luxurious spice is a wonderful addition to skin care preparations for its ability to gently exfoliate and gradually even skin tone. Why extra virgin marula oil:

  • cell regenerating

  • high in antioxidants

  • deeply moisturizing

  • nutrient rich

  • anti microbial

  • amazingly absorbent

  • luxurious

  • suitable to sensitive skin

    VEGAN, essential oil free, fragrance oil free
    30 ml

    12 ml selection arrives in a reusable travel atomizer

    Directions: morning, apply 2-4 drops to toner mist damp skin. Evening apply after cleansing face with c’est la vie.

    ingredients: saffron infused virgin marula oil, rosehip seed oil, hibiscus infused rice bran oil,


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  Facial oils are a lovely addition to any skin care routine. After cleansing face, apply elixir whilst skin is  slightly damp. Wait 5-7 minutes and add a facial creme that is skin complimentary.

Rosehip seed oil

  • quickly penetrative

  • wonderfully hydrating

  • touted for improving skin tone, texture and pigmentation

  • complimentary to normal, dry, and mature skin

Hibiscus infused rice bran oil

  • contains Alpha hydroxy acids
    (oil controlling, gentle exfoliant)

  • gentle exfoliant

  • hydrating

  • “botox” plant

Why AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) 

  • remove dead skin layers

  • hydrate dry skin

  • lessen the appearance of fine lines

  • anti aging

  • hydrating

Information is for educational purposes and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.