la vie en rouge: botanical mist

la vie en rouge: botanical mist


complimentary to all skin types
Indulgent and supremely hydrating, Saffron is not limited to a decadent meal. This luxurious spice is a wonderful addition to skin care preparations for its ability to gently exfoliate and gradually even skin tone.

  • high in antioxidants

  • antifungal

  • anti inflammatory

    30 ml
    VEGAN, alcohol free, witch hazel free, essential oil free, fragrance oil free
    Directions: mist face and neck as often as needed. Morning application, mist skin and apply elixir. Evening: mist face, apply c’est la vie honey cleanser just afterward

    ingredients: saffron distallate


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This facial mist is offered in limited quantities and will ONLY be sold twice a year.  


Toners not only moisturize but can also help balance oil production. Additionally, they increase the absorption of products that follow. Each morning, the skin care gurus at lavender's story mist their face and neck just before applying their favourite facial elixir. At night, we mist again and immediately apply C'est la Vie-a honey facial cleanse just after.

Information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irriation occurs, discontinue use.