Essential oil mania

Ahhh, the calming, relaxing and soothing aroma of lavender. It's one of my favourite botanical(s) to infuse, bake with and when it comes to nightly diffusing, unless sick, you'll likely find a vague cloud of lavender, mint and basil, filling my bed room. Essential oils are not new to the playground, but recently, they have become an overwhelming tag line on beauty products. Companies are literally dumping them into every soap, lotion, body wash, salve and balm. So, why essential oils? Lets take a deeper look into these aromatically intoxicating gems-we'll focus on lavender essential oil, although each is created through the same process.

Lavender essential oil is created through steam distillation process in which lavender buds, leaves, steams and or root are heated with water and a cooling element to create condensation. This results in the accumulation of oil and liquid. The oil, which is very potent and highly concentrated, becomes essential oil and retains the aroma and attributes of lavender. The resulting liquid, more commonly referred to as floral waters or toners (rose water ring a bell?), also retains all the properties but is much more subtle in aroma and gentle on the skin. This is why essential oils should be diluted but rose water, can be applied directly to the skin.

Whilst I will absolutely agree that essential oils are wonderful powerhouses that can be both mind and skin beneficial, when applied to skin, it should be done so sparingly. Doing so in large quantities can and does increase skin irritation, sensitivity and can cause chemical burns. So whilst essential oils are a much safer alternative than fragrance oils, they too, can be concerning. 

Ready for an experiment? take a product that you have that is unscented, preferably 16 oz or larger, add 5 calculated drops of your favourite essential oil, thoroughly mix and use it for several days. You will notice that the aroma is subtle and over the course of a few days, will become nearly extinct. Whilst still effective, the aroma has dissipated.  It takes more than a few calculated drops of essential oil, and extracts (which usually contain a percentage of alcohol) to have a long lasting aroma in a larger sized bottle. 

This post isn't to dissuade you, in the correct amounts, its perfectly okay to have an essential oil in your product. However, if you are experiencing skin irritation, it's likely one of your products could be responsible. Whilst the aroma can be amazing, be mindful of your skin care needs and select products accordingly. And if you're looking for an aromatically pleasing product to try, that does not contain essential oils, we have a variety of facial elixirs, which offer a subtly sweet aroma. 

I'd like to leave you with one thought: essential oils can be great for the mind and good for the body, but they should always be added and used responsibly. And remember, your body requires nutrient rich food and so should your skin.




information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Lana Epps
Honey 101: The wonderful imposter!

We love honey! This is not limited to a cup of soothing ginger and peppermint tea, but as an absolute must on our face, toes and all the skin in between. Whether you know it or not, your skin loves honey too.

For centuries, (yes literally), honey has been used as a band aid of sorts, gloriously slathered onto cuts and wounds. Suddenly, infections were decreased and wounds began to heal. (did you know, honey is still administered onto wounds that are in the early stages of infection? ).  Additionally, it was also consumed internally for medicinal purposes. Our great grandparents, grandparents, parents and just a few of us, understand the true benefits of this liquid gold, but many are still missing the mark. 

Whilst honey is a wonderful skin cleanser, antibacterial, moisturizing and an anti-inflammatory agent, not all honey is created equal. Most of what you find on your local, market shelves are imposters-honey that's been altered to increase profit and reduce effectiveness. And, in many cases, It has also been heated at a temperature too high, for any of its nutritional value to remain. Also what you assume to be honey, is usually a percentage of genuine product, with unhealthy fillers added (enter corn syrup + undectected fillers). Furthermore, most of it is imported, which greatly affects American beekeepers.

Honey, in its pure and authentic form is body and skin beneficial and has secured its place in a Lavender's Story skin care line, from bath bombs to body salves, lavender infused honey, is in it! And to make sure you have a pure product, that also supports American bee keepers, we purchase from an Amish farm. After a few hours drive, I am transported into a lovely period of the past, surrounded by lush pastures, Clydesdale horses, an abundance of raw food and honey. The honey is usually thick, sludgy and filled with little souvenirs, that reflects its unfiltered nature. I happily sample, purchase and enjoy the scenic drive home. 
With several gallons in tow-containing bee legs, pollen and sometimes tree bark, any spotted souvenirs are simply removed with a sterilized spoon.  The honey is then prepared with colloidal lavender, and in some jars, varying botanical (s), its sealed then allowed to infuse for several months. Patience is absolute key to ensure that all the honey has been uniformly infused. The result is c'est la vie (formerly la vie en violet),  a honey facial cleanse. It is absolutely my favorite product. An incredibly soft, clear and hydrated face thanks me and yours will too. If you've been eyeing this magical little jar,  but have yet to make the purchase, now is a wonderful time. There is a limited sale. The first five jars can be purchased for $12, restocked inventory will be regularly priced. You'll receive 5.7 ounces of gloriousness. Make sure to apply a skin complimentary elixir just after use. That concludes our lesson on honey. Remember, your body requires nutrient rich food and so does your skin...

with grit & grace



information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.