To tone or not to tone?

Refreshing and mildly aromatic, facial mist or toners, are a wonderful respite on a hot summers day. BUT, do they actually serve any purpose to one's skin care routine? To tone or not to tone, after all, that seems to be the million dollar question. Today, we will take a closer look at Roses and their skin beneficial aspects.

Aromatic and romantic, Rose water can be found in abundance. Whether is on the shelf of your favourtie skin care boutique, or specialty market, whilst not the only hydrosol on the market, it is certainly the most well known. So what is all the buzz surrounding floral waters? Did you know hydrosols/distillates/floral waters are a byproduct of creating essential oils? The amazing aspect is, a rose water will retain all the properties of its donor, but unlike essential oils, in a much more gentler form. Roses are touted for being:

  1. antiseptic

  2. filled with antioxidants

  3. astringent

  4. anti-inflammatory

  5. emollient

  6. filled with complex vitamins

  7. anti aging

  8. hydrating

and who wouldn't want to indulge their skin with such wonderfulness? Incorporating a toner into a skin care routine means supplying your skin with additional nutrients. And whilst there is no "hard" rule for application, I ration replacing your morning cleanser with a facial mist and save cleansing before bed (I'll delve into this at a later date).  After waking in the morning, instead of reaching for your cleanser, simply mist your face and neck and immediately follow up with a serum or light moisturizer/facial cream. Additionally, storing your toner in the refrigerator is absolutely refreshing during summer months and can aide in tightening pores. Applying toners are not limited to morning application, I am guilty of a mid-day, facial misting. 

For the sake of delving too much into the good, bad and ugly of toners, I'll simply say, not all are created equal. As with many skin care products on the market, unnecessary fillers often get in the way of a great product. Adding alcohol to a toner for oily skin may seem like a great idea however, it can become drying. For some, witch hazel is a welcomed addition, but can become an irritant to others. Access your skin care needs, be patient and also be mindful of what goes onto your skin. A pure toner can be skin beneficial without irritants, that's what awesome about La vie en Rose and   C’est la vie. A pure distillate, absent of fillers, its ingredients appeal to all skin types. If you'be been eyeing these wonderful mists, its time to indulge a bit.  Remember, your body requires nutrient rich food and so should your skin.


information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Lana Epps