Scrub me?

Sugar. Sea salt. Brown sugar.  Himalayan salt.  Exfoliating grains.  With so many types of exfoliates on the market, its no wonder that choosing one is such a task.  Is there any discernible way to decide which you should select when opting for a scrub down? 

Selecting the correct exfoliate for your skin is key and here is what we mean: Himalayan and Sea salt is a wonderful addition to your dinner table but one should probably think twice before applying it to skin. Not only is very abrasive, the salt can become drying. Additionally, there are usually sharp shards which can cause uncomfortable pokes, scratches and cuts while exfoliating. And while its true that many of us are magnesium deficit, scrubbing for 1-2 minutes with a salt scrub will have no effect on this deficiency-you'll need a salt bath for that.  In addition to my skin suffering the occasional scratch, I often found it was drier after using salt scrubs and its larger granules did not make it suitable for facial application. 

 For several years, my go to for scrubs were always been brown sugar based. Not only does it do a great job revealing soft skin, it is also a lot more gentle than using salt-which meant it could be applied to body and face. However, my biggest gripe being, bacteria loves sugar and if you're like most people that store your scrubs near the bathtub, you are asking for little ickies to populate. And there is always the temptation of wanting to dig one's finger in to remove a few heaps, exposing additional bacteria to the jar-imagine what that would look like in a petri dish!

A year ago, as winter became spring and we were on the cusp of summer, I ran my hands across my legs and knew that I was long overdue for a scrub down. I began to sit and think what would be the best total body option. The soles of my feet, were the worst offender, whilst my lips could also use a light scrub. Then it hit me....grains! Immediately, a dry powder bursting with skin beneficial goodness, came to mind. What better ingredients are there than aloe vera, kelp, lavender and goats milk? Together they would allow me to exfoliate from head to toe, whilst offering hydration and anti inflammatory benefits. Bonus points, as a dry powder it was the perfect texture for my lips, applied to my freshly washed face, it was a superior exfoliate and turning it into a paste was wonderful for my legs, feet and as a facial mask. The scene was set for a summer that would allow my baby soft skin to rule the day! The result was c’est la vie milk and grain-a total body polish. If you have been eyeing grains and wondering what they can do for your skin, guess no more. Add it to your cart, purchase and scrub away. 



Lana Epps