la vie en bleu

la vie en bleu


calendula + comfrey
essential oil free product

Aromatically intoxicating as chocolate notes dance across your skin. La Vie en Bleu is infused with comfrey and calendula. These nutrient rich herbs are touted for repairing and healing minor wounds as well as increasing cell turnover. Additionally, comfrey is known as a re-knit & bone mending herb. 

.5 oz

calendula + comfrey: planted, nurtured and grown in our lavender's story garden-pesticide free.

Why we LOVE this salve:

Vastly versatile: 
apply to lips
blemish application
Can be applied head to toe, on the go
total body moisturizer

ingredients: organic cocoa butter, comfrey & calendula infused extra virgin olive oil & beeswax

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How we select our ingredients: 

Extremely hydrating, suitable and recommended for sensitive skin, cocoa butter is not only aromatically pleasing, it is also loaded with Vitamin A
Deeply absorbent, extra virgin olive oil is the highest source of plant derived squalene.
Non clogging and a skin protectant, Beeswax is a welcome addition.
Comfrey has been used for many centuries and is thought to speed up cell turnover and heal bones/minor wounds. It's known as a re-knit and bone herb.
Calendula has gained a reputation for assisting in the repair of minor abrasions and blemishes.

As a lip salve, to improve effectiveness,  exfoliate lips once weekly. We recommend, la vie en violet. We also love this as an on the go skin salve.

Information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Should irritation occur, discontinue use.