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essential oil free
fragrance oil free
complimentary to ALL skin types, particularly sensitive, inflamed and oily

Calming aroma, the essence of soothing chamomile and cucumber have been combined to create a sensitive skin soothing and hydrating facial mist

60 ml

Directions: mist face and neck as often as needed. Morning application, mist skin and apply elixir. Evening: mist face, apply c’est la vie honey cleanser just afterward

ingredients: chamomile & cucumber distillate

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  • anti inflammatory

  • antiseptic

  • unclogs pores

  • rich in antioxidants


  • anti inflammatory

  • promotes regeneration

  • hydrating


  • same PH as human skin

  • hydrating

  • contains vitamin C-

  • anti inflammatory

Information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.